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Safaris with a difference

When it comes to safaris, the likes of Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa are the poster pin-ups – the destinations everyone pictures in their head. But once you’ve ticked off a ‘classic’ safari holiday, what’s next? If you’re ready to try a wildlife adventure with a difference, there are some fantastic alternative safari destinations across Africa.

South Africa Tours

Best of South Africa

See the Big Five on safari at the famous Kruger National Park, explore cosmopolitan Cape Town and discover the beautiful Winelands region.
Based on 11th Jun 2019. More dates available.
From £1,829pp - 13 day Escorted Tour

Borneo Tours

Borneo's Jungles and Orangutans

Meet the beautiful Bornean Orangutans, explore the bat-filled Gomantong Caves and immerse yourself amongst Borneo's enchanting forest scenery.
Based on 9th Oct 2019. More dates available.
From £1,659pp - 9 day Escorted Tour

Tanzania Tours

Tanzania Safari

Follow the Great Migration on the planes of the majestic Serengeti, watch lions roam on the prehistoric Ngorongoro crater, relax by the mountain lakes of the Great Rift Valley and dance with Maasai warriors.
Based on 11th May 2020. More dates available
From £2,129pp - 9 day Escorted Tour

Ecuador Tours

Ecuador and the Galapagos

Get close to sunbathing iguanas, playful sea lion pups and other natural wonders as you sail amongst the isles of the Galapagos.
Based on 9th Sep 2019. More dates available.
From £3,549pp - 10 day Escorted Tour

Madagascar Tours

Madagascan Adventure

Marvel at enigmatic Baobab Trees, meet tribal Antakarana people and explore the limestone fantasyland of Ankarana National Park as you encounter inquisitive lemur families and vibrant chameleons amongst striking forest flora.
Based on 25th Apr 2020. More dates available.
From £2,999pp - 13 day Escorted Tour

Ethiopian Tours

Ethiopia: A Cultural Odyssey

Spot baboons, mountain goats and the Ethiopian wolf, witness the thundering might of the Blue Nile Falls and journey into the Great Rift Valley to spot wildlife around its lakes.
Based on 3rd Mar 2020. More dates available.
From £2,249pp - 12 day Escorted Tour

Kenyan Safari

Kenyan Safari

Journey through Kenya's rolling grasslands and open savannah as you search for the Big Five, drive across the vast plains of the Masai Mara, and spot flamingos perched in Lake Naivasha as you experience Africa's unsurpassed beauty.
From £2139pp - 10 day Escorted Tour

Zimbabwe - The Path to the Smoke that Thunders

Zimbabwe - The Path to the Smoke that Thunders

Experience Zimbabwe’s uncrowded game reserves and wildlife-rich river banks, and finish up at the incredible Victoria Falls.
14 days from £4,399pp

Great Apes of Uganda

Great Apes of Uganda

Search for mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and rare mountain monkeys, and stay in fantastic wilderness lodges.
12 days from £4,099pp

Namibian Discovery

Namibian Discovery

Look for elephants, giraffes and black rhinos in Etosha National Park, and sip champagne on a Walvis Bay wildlife cruise.
15 days from £3,299pp

ZLand of the Lemur

Land of the Lemur

From giant baobab trees to colourful chameleons and cheeky lemurs, discover the incredible flora and fauna of this diverse island.
15 days from £3,199pp

Scenic and Cultural Treasures of Ethiopia

Scenic and Cultural Treasures of Ethiopia

Walk with bleeding heart baboons in the Simien Mountains and spot hippos wallowing close to the spectacular Blue Nile Falls.
13 days from £3,249pp

A Namibian Adventure

A Namibian Adventure

​Stunning, other-worldly landscapes, ancient cultures and the chance to see four of Africa's 'Big Five' in their natural habitat are among the highlights of this exhilarating tour. Dine under the Namibian sky, marvel at the diverse natural beauty of the environment and learn more about the ancient peoples that still influence this special country today.
14 days from £3,299

Luxury Tanzania safari

Luxury Tanzania safari

If the BBC's new show Serengeti has tempted you to Tanzania, explore it in style on our brand new wilderness safari.

Southern Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar

Southern Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar

Enjoy the best of both worlds as you spot exciting bird and mammal life in Tanzania, then relax on Zanzibar's idyllic white-sand beaches.
11 days from £3,149

Planet Earth's most astounding wildlife

From spotting lions in the Namibian desert to seeing a rhesus macaque monkey stalking Jaipur's pink-hued rooftops; there's something so special about watching animals in the wild. If you're considering a safari escape, here's a little insight to get you inspired. We've also shared a few of our favourite experiences recommended by our experts below.

Galapagos sea lions

Look out for turtles, rays and penguins on an all-inclusive cruise around the Galapagos Islands, where you can learn about the giant tortoise and if you're lucky, swim with sea lions.

Lemurs of Madagascar

Madagascar is a haven for nature lovers – its diverse landscapes are home to over 70 species of lemur. Uncover these interesting creatures on a thrilling small group explorer tour.

Spot polar bears in Canada

Encountering one of these exceptional creatures may be a little challenging, but we know where and when to go to improve your chances of getting that special, lucky glimpse.

Relive the Jungle Book

Explore the captivating setting which inspired The Jungle Book, and keep your eyes peeled for Bengal tigers on this suggested itinerary discovering India's spellbinding national parks.

Komodo dragons in Indonesia

On this gorgeous Indonesian cruise, see if you can find the famed inhabitant of its volcanic island, the Komodo dragon – which is actually the heaviest lizard on Earth.

Orangutans in Borneo

Naturalist? Join a small group tour of Borneo's rich wildlife. A favourite highlight is the orangutan rehabilitation centre, where you might be fortunate enough to watch these charming animals during their feed.

South Africa's Big Five

The Eastern Cape has excellent, malaria-free reserves for wildlife watching; here you'll have the chance to witness Africa's thrilling Big Five from an open-sided 4x4.

The Great Barrier Reef

Snorkel, dive and swim with turtles, manta rays, reef sharks and kaleidoscopic fish at this tropical UNESCO World Heritage Site set on the east coast of Australia.

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