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Our classic escorted tours take you from east to west, north to south, with a new hotel as you base every day or so.

Alternatively, you’ll fit in lots of sightseeing on our relaxed tours, but you’ll do it from the comfort of just one or two hotels.

An intricately designed series of journeys for those who wish to see the iconic sites and magnificent treasures on a fully-inclusive excellent value group tour. You’ll travel with the assurance that all your arrangements are taken care of – from international flights, visas, accommodation; and all the touring listed on your itinerary. You will be accompanied by our industry-leading National Escorts whose unparalleled knowledge and talent will turn your holiday into a magical and unforgettable experience. Ranging from nine day trips that focus on the main attractions to more comprehensive itineraries exploring lesser-visited regions, our classic tours offer the opportunity to tick all the big sights of your list.

Titan Travel offer by far the biggest range of escorted tours with over 350 expertly-planned itineraries visiting more than 90 countries worldwide. Our tours are only on sale in the UK and Ireland, and are therefore tailored to British travellers. Each of our Escorted Tours have been carefully researched, checked and finalised by our travel experts and we have been split into styles to help you See the World Differently the way you want....

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Featured Escorted Holidays


16 day Escorted Tour | From £1999pp
Price based on 5th Jun 2019 | More dates available.
Book with a low £49pp deposit*

Visit the highlights of South-East Asia

• Explore Saigon
• Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels
• Discover Halong Bay
• Cruise the Mekong River
• Tour Luang Prabang
• Explore the Pak Ou Caves
• Tour the ruins of Angkor Wat
• See Siem Reap, one of South-East Asia's most beloved towns
• Experience the floating village of Tonle Sap Lake

From the quaint riverside homes of UNESCO-listed Hoi An to the stunning karst scenery of Halong Bay, Vietnam is a country that delights and amazes. Sip a coffee in a French café whilst watching the world go by, immerse yourself in the history of the Vietnam war and visit the home of the Emperors in imperial Hue.

Only recently emerging as a tourist destination Laos is Indochina’s final frontier, a country of jungle cloaked mountains and valleys, rushing rivers, and colonial architecture. Head to Luang Prabang, formal royal stronghold and mosaic of golden wats and boutique restaurants where the streets throng with processions of monks clad in orange robes.

Travel to the magical kingdom of Cambodia where a conflicted history is cloaked in verdant jungle and beautiful beaches. Angkor Wat is the jewel in the crown of the country, an astonishing, vast and mysterious complex of soaring towers and exquisite sculptures believed to represent the spatial universe in miniature.

Discover the best Natural Wonders on Earth with our Wildlife Tours

✔ Accommodation ✔ Flights ✔ Transfers
✔ English Speaking Guides ✔ Excursions
✔ Low deposit of just £49pp available+

South Africa Tours

Best of South Africa
See the Big Five on safari at the famous Kruger National Park, explore cosmopolitan Cape Town and discover the beautiful Winelands region.
Based on 11th Jun 2019. More dates available.
From £1,829pp - 13 day Escorted Tour

Borneo Tours

Borneo's Jungles and Orangutans
Meet the beautiful Bornean Orangutans, explore the bat-filled Gomantong Caves and immerse yourself amongst Borneo's enchanting forest scenery.
Based on 9th Oct 2019. More dates available.
From £1,659pp - 9 day Escorted Tour

Tanzania Tours

Tanzania Safari
Follow the Great Migration on the planes of the majestic Serengeti, watch lions roam on the prehistoric Ngorongoro crater, relax by the mountain lakes of the Great Rift Valley and dance with Maasai warriors.
Based on 11th May 2020. More dates available
From £2,129pp - 9 day Escorted Tour

Ecuador Tours

Ecuador and the Galapagos
Get close to sunbathing iguanas, playful sea lion pups and other natural wonders as you sail amongst the isles of the Galapagos.
Based on 9th Sep 2019. More dates available.
From £3,549pp - 10 day Escorted Tour

Madagascar Tours

Madagascan Adventure
Marvel at enigmatic Baobab Trees, meet tribal Antakarana people and explore the limestone fantasyland of Ankarana National Park as you encounter inquisitive lemur families and vibrant chameleons amongst striking forest flora.
Based on 25th Apr 2020. More dates available.
From £2,999pp - 13 day Escorted Tour

Ethiopian Tours

Ethiopia: A Cultural Odyssey
Spot baboons, mountain goats and the Ethiopian wolf, witness the thundering might of the Blue Nile Falls and journey into the Great Rift Valley to spot wildlife around its lakes.
Based on 3rd Mar 2020. More dates available.
From £2,249pp - 12 day Escorted Tour

Discover authentic experiences from £749pp

✔ Accommodation ✔ Flights ✔ Transfers
✔ English Speaking Guides ✔ Excursions
✔ Low deposit of just £49pp available+

Captivating Costa Rica

Captivating Costa Rica
Explore the enchanting Tortuguero National Park, experience the majestic La Fortuna Waterfall and more.
Based on 20th May 2020. More dates available.
From £1979pp - 11 day Escorted Tour

Imperial Cities of Morocco

Imperial Cities of Morocco
Embark on fascinating tours of Casablanca, Fez & Marrakech, visit the breathtaking Ouzoud Waterfalls and more.
Based on 13th Nov 2019. More dates available.
From £749pp - 8 day Escorted Tour


Cyprus Uncovered

Cyprus Uncovered
Visit Byzantine churches & rural villages in the Troodos Mountains, see the beautiful Omodos village and more.
Based on 14th Jan 2020. More dates available.
From £799pp - 8 day Escorted Tour

Highlights of Sri Lanka

Highlights of Sri Lanka
Enter the iconic cave temple of Dambulla, see the awe-inspiring ruins of the Sigiriya Rock citadel and more.
Based on 3rd Jun 2019. More dates available.
From £999pp - 8 day Escorted Tour

Hiking the Himalayas' Annapurna Trail

Hiking the Himalayas' Annapurna Trail
Trek along the famous Annapurna trail, taking in stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, relax in the hot springs of Jhinu Danda and more.
Based on 17th Apr 2020. More dates available.
From £1399pp - 14 day Escorted Tour

From Salsa to the Tango, feel the beat of Latin America on these incredible tours

✔ Accommodation ✔ Flights ✔ Transfers
✔ English Speaking Guides ✔ Excursions
✔ Low deposit of just £49pp available+

Viva Cuba

Viva Cuba
Take in classic Cadillacs, colonial-era buildings and the ever-present sounds of salsa as you tour Havana, Santa Clara and rural Vinales before relaxing on Caribbean shores in Cienfuegos.
Based on 20th May 2020. More dates available.
From £1,499pp - 8 day Escorted Tour

Grand Tour of South America

Grand Tour of South America
Discover the ancient ruins of lost civilisations, colonial buildings, spectacular natural beauty and passionate culinary and dance traditions of Latin America as you travel to the most iconic sights of Peru, Chile, Argentina & Brazil..
Based on 21st May 2020. More dates available.
From £4,279pp - 21 day Escorted Tour

The Very Best of Peru

The Very Best of Peru
Explore Peru's incredible diversity as you journey between dense tropical rainforests, ancient historical cities, dune-filled beaches and the snow-capped volcanic peaks of the Andes.
Based on 20th May 2020. More dates available.
From £2,599pp - 15 day Escorted Tour

Brazil and Argentina

Brazil and Argentina
Gain a fantastic insight into some of the best Brazil and Argentina have to offer. This extraordinary tour combines natural wonders, tropical jungles, world famous beaches and vibrant cities.
Based on 24th May 2020. More dates available.
From £1,869pp - 10 day Escorted Tour

Chile and Easter Island

Chile and Easter Island
From the cosmopolitan cities, to stunning mountain side vineyards Chile boasts some unforgettable highlights. Add to this mysterious Easter Island, home of the striking moai statues, for a truly magical experience.
Based on 11th Mar 2020. More dates available.
From £3,049pp - 14 day Escorted Tour

Chile, Bolivia and Peru

Chile, Bolivia and Peru
Travelling from the Chilean capital Santiago, through breath-taking Bolivia, and concluding at magnificent Machu Picchu in Peru, this unique 15 day tour is truly an Andean adventure.
Based on 24th Nov 2019. More dates available.
From £3,129pp - 15 day Escorted Tour

Discover the World's Best Sights with our Award Winning Tours

✔ Accommodation ✔ Flights ✔ Transfers
✔ English Speaking Guides ✔ Excursions
✔ Don't miss our low £49pp deposits

Grand Tour of China

Grand Tour of China
From the cosmopolitan cities of Beijing and Shanghai to the remote ancient town of Lijiang and the stunning Li River in Guilin, explore China in depth as you visit the most iconic sights as well as discovering its hidden treasures.
Based on 11th Feb 2020. More dates available.
From £2749pp - 25 day Escorted Tour

Sailing Turkey's Blue Coast

Sailing Turkey's Blue Coast
Sail Turkey's unspoilt coastline on a traditional wooden gulet, taking in secluded bays, hidden coves, uninhabited islands and pine-clad mountains on this eight-day cruise.
Based on 25th Apr 2020. More dates available.
From £729pp - 8 day All-Inclusive Cruise

Kenyan Safari

Kenyan Safari
Journey through Kenya's rolling grasslands and open savannah as you search for the Big Five, drive across the vast plains of the Masai Mara, and spot flamingos perched in Lake Naivasha as you experience Africa's unsurpassed beauty.
Based on 17th Jun 2019. More dates available.
From £2139pp - 10 day Escorted Tour

Walking Madeira's Levadas

Walking Madeira's Levadas
Explore the 'Garden Island' of Madeira as you follow its unique Levadas, a network of irrigation channels that wind through lush forests and dramatic mountains.
Based on 5th Feb 2020. More dates available.
From £739pp - 8 day Walking Tour

Elvis' Graceland and America's Deep South

Elvis' Graceland and America's Deep South
Discover the country music of Nashville, the rock 'n' roll and jazz of Memphis and the rhythmic blues of New Orleans before concluding at the Houston Space Centre.
Based on 29th Oct 2019. More dates available.
From £1929pp - 10 day Escorted Tour

Iceland's Northern Lights

Iceland's Northern Lights
Experience astonishing cosmic displays of the Northern Lights, bursts of geothermic water from prehistoric geysers and cinematic landscapes dominated by snow-topped mountain ranges.
Based on 7th Nov 2019. More dates available.
From £599pp - 4 day Escorted Tour

NEW Unforgettable Experiences

✔ Accommodation ✔ Flights ✔ Transfers
✔ English Speaking Guides ✔ Excursions
Low deposit of just £49pp available+

Singapore, Malaysia & Borneo's Orangutans

Singapore, Malaysia & Borneo's Orangutans
Embark on a walking tour of Penang's vibrant capital, Georgetown, gain insight into authentic Malaysian culture & everyday life, catch a glimpse of Orangutans at Smenggoh Nature Reserve and more.
Based on 7th Nov 2019. More dates available.
From £1,999pp - 16 day Escorted Tour

Brazil's Rio, Amazon & Beaches

Brazil's Rio, Amazon & Beaches
Enjoy a city tour of Rio de Janeiro, including the Christ the Redeemer statue, witness the mighty Amazon Rainforest's flourishing flora & fauna on a nature hike, embark on a cruise to discover the Meeting of the Waters and more.
Based on 25th Nov 2019. More dates available.
From £1,999pp - 10 day Escorted Tour


Discover the world's wonders on our Escorted Tours

Egypt: The Majestic Nile

Egypt: The Majestic Nile
Marvel at the Pyramids of Giza & the mighty Sphinx, see Tutankhamun's golden mask at the Cairo museum, embark on a 7-night cruise along the River Nile, visiting riverside cities & ruins and more.
Based on 12th May 2020. More dates available.
From £1,129pp - 10 day Escorted Tour

Sacred Peru

Sacred Peru
See the historic ruins of Machu Picchu, tour the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site of Lima, explore the Colca Canyon & the Inca Fortress at Ollantaytambo and more.
Based on 28th Nov 2019. More dates available.
From £2,099pp - 12 day Escorted Tour

Classical Jordan

Classical Jordan
Explore the dazzling rock formations & ancient rock-cut tombs of Petra & Little Petra, visit the historic Citadel & Blue Mosque in Amman, wander the Roman ruins of Jerash and more.
Based on 21st Jan 2020. More dates available.
From £1,169pp - 8 day Escorted Tour

Glorious China

Glorious China
See the remarkable Great Wall of China, stroll along the Bund in Shanghai, enjoy city tours of Shanghai, Xi'an & Beijing, visit the ancient water city of Zhujiajiao and more.
Based on 17th Feb 2020. More dates available.
From £1,499pp - 14 day Escorted Tour

Essence of North India

Essence of North India
Witness the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Taj Mahal, spot Bengal Tigers in Ranthanbore National Park, enjoy city tours of Old & New Delhi, see the City Palace in Jaipur and more.
Based on 2nd Jun 2020. More dates available.
From £999pp - 10 day Escorted Tour


Discover the world closer to home
Tour Europe & The Mediterranean from only £679pp

Croatia & Montenegro

Croatia & Montenegro
Wander along the Stradun in Dubrovnik's old town & adore the city's famous fountains, Monastery & Cathedrals, visit the picturesque town of Perast on the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro and more.
Based on 19th Oct 2019. More dates available.
From £1759pp - 8 day Escorted Tour

Pousadas of Portugal

Pousadas of Portugal
Embark on a city tour of Lisbon, admiring the Belem Tower & S.Jorge Castle, visit the charming hilltop villages of Castelo de Vide & Marvao, marvel at the beauty of Geres National Park and more.
Based on 7th Nov 2019. More dates available.
From £1,059pp - 11 day Escorted Tour

Norway's Arctic Circle

Norway's Arctic Circle
Enjoy a city walk of historical Tromsø, witness the stunning Northern Lights from the Aurora Borealis camp, immerse in dogsledding with Alaskan Huskies, followed by a traditional meal and more.
Based on 2nd Mar 2020. More dates available.
From £1,199pp - 5 day Escorted Tour

Experiences that will take your breath away
Escorted Tours from only £1149pp

Walking Trails of Vietnam

Walking Trails of Vietnam
Enjoy a guided walking tour of Hanoi's cultural sights, visiting the Presidential Palace, One Pillar Pagoda & the Old Quarter, delve into local life & customs as you explore rural Vietnamese villages and more.
Based on 3rd May 2020. More dates available.
From £1,269pp - 9 day Walking Tour

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek
Trek across mountainous terrain to reach the Everest Base Camp, marvel at the incredible views of some of the world's tallest mountains from Sagarmatha National Park and more.
Based on 29th May 2020. More dates available.
From £1,739pp - 16 day Walking Tour

Why not treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime Escorted Tour? Our handpicked selection of itineraries are sure to take your breath away.

Grand Tour of Japan

Grand Tour of Japan
Enjoy spectacular views at the base of Mt. Fuji, explore the magnificent Matsumoto Castle, see the roaming deer at the picturesque Nara Park, visit Hiroshima's peace memorial and more.
Based on 12th Jun 2019. More dates available.
From £3,699pp - 14 day Escorted Tour

Classic Thailand

Classic Thailand
Marvel at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Ayutthaya & Sukhothai Historical Parks, visit the war cemetery & Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, witness the Damnoen Saduak floating market and more.
Based on 3rd Jun 2019. More dates available.
From £1,559pp - 11 day Escorted Tour

Vietnam & Cambodia Odyssey

Vietnam & Cambodia Odyssey
Enjoy four scenic train journeys through Vietnam, see the sights of Hanoi, Saigon & Phnom Penh on city tours, embark on a 3-night cruise on the Mekong Delta, explore the fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels and more.
Based on 31st May 2019. More dates available.
From £2,199pp - 20 day Escorted Tour

Kerala Explorer

Kerala Explorer
Cruise the mesmerising Alleppey backwaters, take city tours of Cochin & Trivandrum, visit the traditional tea plantations in Munnar, see famous temples in Trivandrum and more.
Based on 14th May 2020. More dates available.
From £1,119pp - 12 day Escorted Tour

USA - Spirit of the West

USA - Spirit of the West
Take in the sights of Los Angeles & San Francisco on city tours, explore the city of Las Vegas, visit the UNESCO sites of the Grand Canyon National Park & Yosemite National Park and more.
Based on 11th Nov 2020. More dates available.
From £1,799pp - 12 day Escorted Tour

Canada's Maple Leaf Trail

Canada's Maple Leaf Trail
Enjoy city tours of Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec & Montreal, tour Niagara Falls, including a Hornblower Cruise at the base of the falls, take a 1000 Island Cruise on the St Lawrence River in Rockport and more.
Based on 15th Oct 2019. More dates available.
From £1,629pp - 9 day Escorted Tour

Transylvania & Bucharest

Transylvania & Bucharest
Visit the clifftop Bran Castle, drenched in Dracula legend, enjoy a guided walk around the medieval old town of Brasov, see Sinaia & the neo-renaissance opulence of Peles Castle and more.
Based on 21st Apr 2020. More dates available.
From £599pp - 6 day Escorted Tour

Yellowstone, Rushmore & the Grand Canyon

Yellowstone, Rushmore & the Grand Canyon
Visit the famous Mount Rushmore, explore three National Parks including Yellowstone, Zion and the Sandstone arches in Arches National Park. Marvel at the spectacular views of the Grand Canyon and more.
Based on 26th Oct 2019, more dates available.
From £2,449pp | 16 day Escorted Tour

Discover Malta & Gozo

Discover Malta & Gozo
Explore the 'silent' city of Mdina, the island's capital from antiquity to the medieval period, visit the palaces, cathedral and gardens of Valletta, Europe's Capital of Culture for 2018.
Based on 20th Feb 2020, more dates available.
From £629pp | 8 day Escorted Tour

Happy Sakura Season

In Japanese culture, sakura (cherry blossoms) are associated with the transient nature of life and to mark the seasonal ceremony, which celebrates each day as a new beginning, we are offering you an amazing Premium Economy upgrade when you book a Wendy Wu Tour. Start planning the adventure you have always dreamed of and jet off on your tour in style!

FREE return Premium Economy upgrade to China or Japan
Saving up to £800pp
FREE one-way Premium Economy upgrade to India or Southeast Asia
Saving up to £300pp

Japan Tours

Japan Tours

Be inspired by the beauty of Japan on our bestselling Japan Uncovered tour. Gaze upon majestic Mt Fuji, meet the playful Snow Monkeys and admire Himeji Castle.
Discover more Japan tours

Iceland's Northern Lights

China Tours

Explore magnificent China on our bestselling Majestic Yangtze tour. Discover Beijing, cruise the enchanting Yangtze River and visit the adorable Giant Pandas.
Discover more China tours

India Tours

India Tours

Experience the wonders of India on our bestselling Inspiring India tour. Spot Bengal Tigers on safari, see the Taj Mahal at sunrise and admire the beautiful Amber Fort.
Discover more India tours

Southease Asia Tours

Southeast Asia

Uncover breathtaking Southeast Asia on our bestselling Angkor to the Bay tour. Explore vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes and ancient temples on an unforgettable adventure.

Southeast Asia Tours

A destination bursting with tranquil temples, breathtaking landscapes, sensational cuisine and warm, friendly locals, Southeast Asia is home to countries with much in common but each with their own unique character, history and charm, and whichever destination you choose to discover, you can be sure an incredible adventure awaits.

Vietnam Tours

Vietnam Tours

Uncover the wonders of a country boasting epic natural beauty, from the emerald waters of Halong Bay to the picturesque rice terraces of Sapa.

Cambodia Tours

Cambodia Tours

Immerse yourself in rich history and fascinating culture as you discover the Temples of Angkor, the Royal Palace and vibrant Phnom Penh.

Thailand Tours

Thailand Tours

Thailand offers something for every type of traveller, from unwinding on the beach or exploring golden temples to sampling delicious cuisine.

Indonesia Tours

Indonesia Tours

There is so much waiting to be discovered in beautiful Indonesia, from incredible nature and tropical paradises to vibrant cities and white sand beaches.

Discover Latin America with LATAM Airlines & Mercury Holidays

For the ultimate touring experience, why not visit Latin America? There's much to discover here, such as wonders of the world, ancient Incan cities, colourful neighbourhoods and much more. Book with Mercury, fly with LATAM and enjoy an experience you will never forget.

10 day Escorted Tour from £1,699pp
Brazil & Argentina

14 day Escorted Tour from £2,799pp
Chile & Easter Island

15 day Escorted Tour from £3,049pp
Chile, Bolivia & Peru

21 day Escorted Tour from £3,999pp
Grand Tour of South America

13 day Escorted Tour from £2,329pp
Chile, Argentina & Patagonia

9 day Escorted Tour from £2,199pp
A Taste of Argentina

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Experience a Kuoni escorted tour

We've picked out some of our favourite small group tours and safaris, and reveal the best time of year to go – based on factors like the weather and wildlife. Each one is created by our experts and is packed full of experiences, from wine tasting in Tuscany to seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise in India. All of our tours have guaranteed departures – but spaces are limited

Peru's superstar attractions
Peru often sees clear skies and sunshine in June, so it's an ideal time to visit bucket-list favourite, Machu Picchu.
When to go: 8th June 2019

The famous wildlife of Kenya
July is one of Nairobi's driest months, giving you a better chance of seeing big cats like Africa's elusive leopard.
When to go: 28th July 2019

Ngorongoro Crater safari
Big Five viewing is at its best in August, when the rains have ended and local wildlife are on the lookout for waterholes.
When to go: 18th August 2019

Get a taste of Tuscany
Avoid the peak summer heat and take advantage of September's warm sunny days on this cultural foodie tour.
When to go: 21st September 2019

An introduction to China
Visit the Great Wall and Forbidden City when the summer humidity has eased off and the air feels fresh and cool.
When to go: 26th September 2019

Visit Japan in autumn
Watch a colour explosion as ginkgo trees turn gold and cherry-red maple leaves climb up rural hillsides.
When to go: 10th October 2019

See India's iconic sights
Our northern India tour kicks off after the rainy season, when the landscape turns lush and green.
When to go: 22nd October 2019

A quieter time to visit Sri Lanka
Dodge the peak season crowds as you visit Sri Lanka's most famous temples, tea plantations and spice gardens.
When to go: 10th November 2019

The best of South Africa
South Africa in November is spring-like, so it's a great time to see the rolling vineyards and buzzing Cape Town.
When to go: 21st November 2019 .

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Falling for New England

Changing leaves, wildlife, apple cider – the fall season is in full swing across the pond.
And nowhere does autumn better than these north-eastern states. Traditional clapboard houses are decorated with autumnal wreaths, with displays of pumpkins and squash on front porches. Farmers take advantage of bumper fruit harvests, churning out deliciously sweet ciders, apple doughnuts and cranberry chutneys. Forests of beech and maple turn glorious shades of red, gold and orange – and if you look closely, you might spot a few wild local residents (squirrels, birdlife and perhaps even a moose or two).
It’s a beautiful region to explore at this time of year – our ‘Best of New England in the Fall’ tour spotlights some of the prettiest parts. We’ll start and end in Boston, journeying in a loop that takes in Cape Cod, Mystic, Woodstock, the White Mountains and much more. Along the way, we’ll enjoy maple syrup tastings, visits to charming historic towns and, of course, plenty of stops to admire the fall foliage.

The Best of New England in the Fall

13 days from £2,849pp

Travelling through five states, soak up postcard-worthy views at every turn, from historic lighthouses and steeple-topped churches, to wooden covered bridges and rows of classic clapboard houses.

American Rhythms

Jazz in New Orleans. Rock ‘n’ roll in Memphis. Country in Nashville.
For serious music lovers, a trip to America’s Deep South is practically a rite of passage. On our new tour here, we’ve wrapped up all the best bits of the Deep South into one fantastic itinerary, and included a couple of nights in Chicago – home to some of the best blues bars in the business – for good measure. You’ll tap your toes at the Grand Ole Opry, meet local songwriters, enjoy a private zydeco performance and much more.
Music aside, we’ll also enjoy a pizza dinner in Chicago (home of the deep-dish), a Creole and Cajun lunch in the Big Easy and cocktail hour – a quintessentially Southern tradition – at a historic antebellum cottage in Natchez.

American Rhythms
12 days from 2,799pp
Departs 2 May and 5 September 2020

From Chicago to New Orleans, this fascinating tour takes you on a journey through America’s music heartland.

Join us on an adventure to China or Japan and find yourself immersed in the culture and magic of these spectacular destinations before flying home in Business Class for just £99pp!

Meet the bowing deer of Nara, explore futuristic cities and discover the magnificent Mount Fuji in Japan, or uncover bustling Beijing, visit the Giant Pandas of Chengdu and hike along the snaking Great Wall in China - whatever your dream trip may be.

Captivating China

14 days from £3,490

✔ Marvel at the Forbidden City
✔ Face the Terracotta Army
✔ Cruise the Yangtze River
✔ Meet the Giant Pandas
✔ Walk along the Great Wall
✔ See the bright lights of Shanghai
✔ Designed exclusively for solo travellers, no single supplement 

A Week in Japan

8 days from £3,790

✔ Be charmed by Kyoto
✔ Explore historic Nara 
✔ Feel the rush of vibrant Tokyo
✔ Admire the beautiful Mount Fuji
✔ Ride the super-fast bullet train
✔ Discover Osaka Castle
✔ Classic group tour, fully inclusive

Victoria Mekong

Wendy Wu Tours are thrilled to introduce the brand-new deluxe river cruise vessel, Victoria Mekong. Launching in December 2019, the ship will offer 3- and 4-night cruising itineraries between Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and Cambodia’s Phnom Penh. Experience the breath-taking beauty of the Mekong River as you relax in 4* comfort and enjoy superior service.

Whilst on board, sample local heritage through music and dance and enjoy tasting traditional cuisine, using local ingredients. Stop along the river to find yourself being immersed in culture with shore excursions, allowing you to explore all that these vibrant destinations have to offer.

Book your Victoria Mekong cruise now - 14 days from £3,190pp.

Facilities range from a sundeck, cocktail pool and restaurant to a games room, pool bar and lounge area.

Deluxe cabins complete with private bathrooms and balconies are the perfect areas to wind down after a busy day.

Explore quaint towns that line the river, spot incredible wildlife and immerse yourself in local life.

Flights from the UK, all accommodation, cruising, transportation, guides and touring are inclusive of the tour price.

Thought Bavaria was just beer and bratwurst?

Think again. On our new tour, we’ll introduce you to the real flavours of this southern region, in between trips to medieval towns, palaces and churches.
You could sip sparkling wine in Würzburg, nibble gingerbread cookies in Nuremberg and tuck in to Bamberg’s famous blue-tinted sausages. There’ll still be time for beer and bratwurst, of course – our itinerary includes a visit to the brewery at Weltenburg Abbey, where monks have been honing their recipe for thousands of years.
‘A Taste of Southern Germany’ is just one of our brand-new tours for next year.

A Taste of Southern Germany

A Taste of Southern Germany
Enjoy walking tours, wine tastings and a cruise through the Danube Gorge, and savour the specialities of this food-focused region.
8 days from £1,599



History and heritage

From marble monuments to love to desert cities half-hidden beneath the sand, our holidays showcase some real wishlist-worthy sites.

We asked our experts to share their favourite sites, buildings and monuments from the world over – places they feel deserve a space on your must-see list. As you can probably imagine, they gave us plenty to choose from (they are a well-travelled bunch, after all), so we’ve whittled it down to the top eight. Scroll down to see which ones made the cut – and find out how we could take you to see them for yourself.

Our must-see monuments

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India
Built during the 1600s, this vast mausoleum is perfectly symmetrical, with identical features on each side of the building.

Great Wall, China

Great Wall, China
Epic in scale, the Great Wall took 2,000 years to build, stretches for more than 8,000km and was once guarded by a million men.
See it for yourself

St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia

St Basil’s Cathedral, Russia
Commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, this Moscow cathedral is topped with candy-coloured domes and a hip-roofed bell tower.
See it for yourself

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chichen Itza, Mexico
Highlights of this ancient Mayan site include the 24-metre-high Pyramid of Kukulcan, the Temple of the Warriors and the Sacred Cenote.
See it for yourself

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru
This glorious 15th-century Inca citadel sits high up in the Andes, surrounded by mountains cloaked in verdant forest.
See it for yourself

Petra, Jordan

Petra, Jordan
This rose-red city lay hidden in the desert for centuries. The spectacular centrepiece is the Treasury, hewn out of solid rock.
See it for yourself

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
The last surviving wonder of the ancient world, the 4,500-year-old Pyramids are truly a sight to behold.
See it for yourself

St Mark’s Basilica, Italy

St Mark’s Basilica, Italy
This 10th-century domed cathedral is covered in glittering gold mosaics and carved marble from Syria and Egypt.
See it for yourself


Just one photo can bring memories of your holiday flooding back. A spectacular photo can capture the mood of a whole destination. If you love photography, here are our favourite destinations in the world for keeping your lens busy, from mighty sand dunes and stunning landscapes to quirky wildlife.


As you stand in the clouds above Machu Picchu, take in the detail and texture below, the dramatic mountains and the changing light. Our tip is to go in low season and enter the citadel at the end of the day as it empties to get the best pictures, minus the crowds.

The Galapagos Islands

No place in the world is better for taking pictures of wildlife. The islands are home to hordes of endemic species, such as the sun-basking marine iguana. We highly recommend taking a GoPro to capture underwater footage – the sealions can be very playful!

Saint Lucia

One of Saint Lucia's most iconic sights, the emerald-coloured Twin Pitons are volcanic plugs rising from the coast, creating a dramatic backdrop to the town of Soufriere. Stay at Jade Mountain and your open-air suite will have the perfect view of the Pitons from your private pool.


Epic dunes; cheetahs roaming through national parks; and decaying shipwrecks buried in the sand on the Skeleton Coast – Namibia is full of camera-worthy opportunities. One of our favourites is the eerie petrified forest, where scorched trees contrast against orange sand and blue skies.


The energy and relentless pace of Hanoi is intoxicating. One of the best spots to capture snaps of the traffic is from the City View Café, which overlooks one of the busiest intersections on the edge of the Old Quarter. It's chaotic - but brilliant - especially at night.


Rajasthan is a photographer's dream, home to the famous pink city of Jaipur, the stunning Thar Desert and the majestic Bengal Tigers of Ranthambore National Park. Holi, the 'festival of colour' is spectacular to photograph – but beware of flying coloured powder and your camera!

Discover Sri Lanka with Uga Escapes

Rich in emerald-coloured landscapes, fresh local cuisine and exciting wildlife encounters, exploring Sri Lanka is a true adventure. Indulge in a more intimate experience with Uga Escapes' boutique resorts and hotels across this stunning island in the Indian Ocean.

5* Ulagalla Resort

A beautifully-restored colonial mansion in Anuradhapura, framed by paddy fields and a lake; with villas boasting a plunge pool and sun terrace.

5* Chena Huts

Close to Yala National Park where elephants roam free, stay in a spacious cabin amongst the sand dunes and relax in your private plunge pool.

Explore more of Sri Lanka
Eight nights, including breakfast, from £2079pp

Good things come in small packages and that's absolutely the case with the island of Sri Lanka. You'll find spectacular sights that continually inspire people to visit. It has everything from rugged coastlines and tea plantations to dazzling rainforests and exciting wildlife. Experience more of what Sri Lanka has to offer and save up to £382 per couple with a combined stay at three hotels.

Discovering a new destination and delving into what makes it so special is one of the most exciting experiences imaginable. We bring you a collection of our holidays featuring the hottest and trendiest destinations for 2018.

Valletta, Malta
The sun-soaked Mediterranean island of Malta boasts a glorious history and its 16th-century citadel capital, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valletta, built by the Knights of St John both as a fortress and a spectacular architectural celebration, is one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2018.

Liverpool, UK
In 2008, Liverpool reigned as the European Capital of Culture making it the 'must see' destination in the UK. For 2018, Liverpool has launched an '18 for 2018' campaign showcasing the city’s culture, heritage, UNESCO-listed icons and award-winning exhibitions, which also includes the Terracotta Warriors returning to the UK shores after 10 years at Liverpool's World Museum.

Botswana, Africa
With its incomparable wildlife and unique wild places, Botswana continues to lure visitors. The Okavango Delta is like no other, a pristine wetland paradise while the Chobe River region is famed for its dense concentration of breathtaking wildlife and safari adventures. And, as it's set to be a big year for Prince Harry, Botswana will be the hot topic of many conversations as this was where he camped out under the stars with Meghan Markle and a country that has been close to his heart since he visited at the age of 13.

Nashville, Tennessee, USA
A lucrative part of the America's musical playground, Nashville is the Country Music Capital of the World. Home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, it’s also renowned for the Grand Ole Opry, America's longest-running scheduled show (it’s never missed a Saturday performance since it was first broadcast on radio in 1925!). And for those looking to delve deeper into the Southern music scene, Nashville can be the perfect start point for a classic road trip to Elvis Presley’s Memphis and ‘The Big Easy’, New Orleans.

Galapagos, Ecuador
Located off Ecuador’s coast, the Galapagos Islands are an archipelago home to colourful crabs, swimming lizards, penguins, blue-footed boobies, and the famed giant tortoises. These are the islands visited by the young Charles Darwin in 1835, and inspired him to write and publish his 'On the Origin of Species' theory of evolution. 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Galapagos being managed as a national park and 40 years since it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast
Tourism is on the up again with more visitors flocking to the turquoise coasts, ancient cities and picture-perfect fishing villages. There is no better time or place to discover the exotic blend of eastern and western cultures.

Travelling solo?

You don’t have to travel alone.

The thought of travelling on your own can seem daunting, so why not travel with us? We have a collection of tours and cruises designed exclusively for solo travellers – with no single supplement to pay.

Discover the world with like-minded people, enjoy a twin or double room all to yourself, and perhaps make a new friend or two – safe in the knowledge a dedicated tour manager is with you all the way to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Every solo holiday includes a welcome dinner and drinks reception so you can meet your fellow travellers. We also offer regional departures across the UK and your tour manager, or a member of our team, will meet you at your chosen airport, or at London St Pancras when travelling by Eurostar.

With a wide range of tours, from a city break in Paris or Bruges to a 22-day adventure in New Zealand, as well as river and yacht cruises, there’s something for everyone.

It’s a wild world

Whether it’s glimpsing snow monkeys in a Japanese onsen or seeing a tiger prowling through the jungle, witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat is always a special moment.
We’ve divided our Walk on the Wild Side online guide into six sections to help you find the right experience for you.
The African Safari details classic ‘Big Five’ safari itineraries and holidays including safari elements. Asian Encounters includes information about tiger reserves in India and orang-utan sanctuaries in Borneo, while Up Close and Personal focuses on holidays that allow you to get eye-to-eye with gorillas in Uganda and bears in North America.
Look to Extraordinary Oceans for holidays where you can dive beneath the surface to discover colourful corals teeming with marine life, or try Winged Wonders for trips to renowned birdwatching areas like Costa Rica. Finally, there’s Unique Places. It highlights once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences, including seeing emperor penguins in Antarctica and swimming lizards in the Galapagos Islands.

Wildlife Moments on a Cruise to Alaska
Spot whales breaching, bald eagles gliding and dolphins playing from a cruise along the spectacular Alaskan coastline.

Meeting Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas
Product Manager Phil shares his experience of coming face-to-face with mountain gorillas on a trip to Uganda.

Another Dawn, Another Dusk
A day in the life of a safari guide at Mala Mala, one of South Africa’s oldest private game reserves.

Indescribable Antarctica
Icebergs, penguins, whales and seals – a personal account of a cruise to the bottom of the world.

How to Photograph Wildlife
Top tips on capturing wildlife on camera, whether you’re using an advanced SLR or a smartphone.

Making the Most of Your Safari Experience
Dreaming of a safari adventure? Read our insider guide to find out where to go and what to pack.

Time to discover Latin America?

Diverse is the watchword when it comes to Latin America.
Scenery shifts from white-sand beaches and tropical jungle, to colossal canyons and pale-blue icefields. Historic highlights include Mayan temples, Inca cities and colonial churches. And the wildlife roll call covers off king penguins, giant tortoises, jewel-coloured hummingbirds and tiny tree frogs.

Thinking of South America? Our tours can take you all over this continent of contrasts, from the snow-tipped Andes and the wildlife haven of the Galapagos, to the balmy beaches of Brazil. Ready for a Central American adventure? Choose between lush Costa Rica, culture-rich Mexico and cool, captivating Cuba

Time for an adventure?

Incredible lodges, unforgettable experiences and some of Africa’s best wildlife watching. Welcome to Uganda…
This landlocked country is the setting for one of our most exciting small-group tours. In a group of 16 or less, we’ll make our way through parks, forests and wetlands. We’ll seek out the Big Five and trek through lush vegetation to spot mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.
We’ll travel in 4x4 safari vehicles, allowing us to get further off the beaten path and closer to that fantastic wildlife. Throughout, we’ll stay in wonderful lodges with national park addresses and views over savannahs and craters.
'Great Apes of Uganda' is just one of our small-group tours – holidays featuring immersive experiences, off-the-beaten track adventures and unique hotels.

Your complete peace of mind

Titan have been specialising in escorted tours and cruises for more than 40 years now, taking travellers on adventures to almost 100 countries across the globe. With decades of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands, wherever you choose to travel with us.

Our VIP treatment
We have a passion and dedication for delivering exceptional experiences, from our tour managers to our VIP drivers who take you to and from the airport. We also have fantastic behind-the scenes teams who craft our itineraries, plus expert travel advisors who know our holidays inside out. All working closely together to ensure your holiday runs as seamlessly as possible.

Exceptional value
We might not be the cheapest out there - but that’s because we include a whole lot up front, so you’re not left paying the extra while you’re away. On the majority of holidays, a host of excursions will be included to allow you to really get the most out of your trip, as well as a number of meals, giving you fantastic value for money.

Our Price Promise
We know it’s frustrating when you see something you’ve just bought on sale for a fraction of the price you paid. That’s why we have our Price Promise - if we lower the price of your holiday you’ll get the difference back (in cash).

Your holiday protection
Our holidays include ABTA and, where flights are included, ATOL protection, and are provided in accordance with the Package Travel Arrangements Regulations.

Your holiday, your choice
Whether you’re looking for a classic tour, a river cruise, a rail journey or perhaps a solo adventure, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit.

Escorted tours
Titan ‘classics’, these holidays introduce a destination’s highlights in the company of an expert tour manager.

Small groups
Adventures limited to a maximum of 24 guests, allowing for a more intimate experience.

Rail journeys
Rail journeys Iconic adventures by rail, including the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express and Rocky Mountaineer.

Stay & explore
Holidays designed to let you delve deeper into your destination, staying in just one or two locations.

River cruises
Laid-back voyages along scenic waterways, including sailings aboard our two exclusive-to-Titan ships.

Ocean cruises
Coastal cruises across the world - from Antarctica to Zadar - on a range of cruise lines.

UK short breaks
From Scotland to the south coast, these great-value holidays showcase our own shores.

Christmas & New Year
Festive getaways ranging from Christmas market cruises to winter-sun escapes.

Did you spot that two of our incredible destinations have been featured in the Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2019 Top Countries list? Beautiful Sri Lanka came out on top and nestled comfortably alongside it was magical Indonesia. Read on to find out what makes these countries so extraordinary and make 2019 a year to remember as you explore two of the best locations in the world on a Wendy Wu Tour.

See the best of Sri Lanka on a Wendy Wu Tour, with animal lovers spotting leopards and elephants on an unforgettable trip through Yala National Park, history buffs losing themselves in eight breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites, foodies rejoicing as they sample delicious cuisine and those looking for relaxation retiring to one of many paradisiacal beaches that line the coast.

Infinite adventures await in Indonesia, with this tropical paradise bursting with white sand beaches, lush jungle and vibrant cities.
The nature is hard to rival, from the cloud-swept lunar landscape of over 100 volcanoes to spotting the myth-inspiring Komodo Dragons or ethereal green sea turtles.
Indonesia offers a never-ending myriad of colour, diversity and history to intrigue and enchant. 

The benefits of booking a Tour

Everything you could want
Book with assurance that all accommodation, meals, excursions, entry fees and transfers are included as soon as you confirm your booking, making for a stress-free experience.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences
With meticulously planned itineraries, you have the chance to see wonders of the world, awe-inspiring landscapes and explore authentic local cuisine to see the world in all its beauty.

Expert Local knowledge
From the moment you arrive, be accompanied by a passionate, English-speaking guide who will provide you with facts & anecdotes of the places you will visit.

Travel with like-minded people
The joy of touring is knowing that you will be travelling with others that have similar interests; to savour the experience in another corner of the globe.

Physical accessibility
We carefully rank our tours by the level of fitness and mobility that is required, giving you peace of mind in knowing exactly what the tour will involve before you are due to depart.

ABTA/ATOL Protection
Just like a beach holiday, all of our Escorted Tours are ABTA & ATOL protected, ensuring that you are safe in the knowledge that you are financially protected when confirming your touring holiday.

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